Recreation Deeds for Special Needs


Recreation Deeds for Special Needs is a local non-profit established many years ago to address the needs of youth with disabilities to be able to participate in recreational opportunities.  We are an inclusive organization which recognizes that some citizens may require financial assistance in order to participate in recreational and leisure activities that are offered throughout Anne Arundel County.  Thus, one of our goals is to assist eligible individuals and families with access to programs and activities.

Our vision is to make recreational and leisure opportunities accessible to all Anne Arundel County residents.

Our mission is to enhance the wellbeing and quality of life of all Anne Arundel County residents by providing recreational opportunities to all citizens including those with challenges or obstacles due to disabilities, financial difficulties or environmental barriers.

We will work toward this mission by fundraising, including seeking grants, promoting recreational opportunities throughout Anne Arundel County, continuing to prioritize accessible programming and creating funding and scholarships.

Board Members

Wendy Scarborough - Director and President
Carolyn Beaty - Director and Secretary
Ryan Stewart - Director and Assistant Secretary
Sue Hamilton - Director and Treasurer
Ramona Burnett - Director
Terri Hamrick-Oeschger - Director
Melissa Hoffman - Director
Robert Scarborough - Director
Courtney Zilonis - Director